Now some of you will be perplexed by my choice of content.. what on earth is this woman thinking to review lingerie and literature on the same blog?

Well, the unexciting truth is that I have an obsession with lingerie and books! A love triangle if you may. I usually chill out wearing a beautiful negligee, sip on tea and get lost in a paperback that takes me on a journey away from my boxy grey room. On the days I feel more risque. I strap on an exciting three piece with garters to match and strut around in heels like I own the damn world xx


BEHOLD ! I present to you this sassy lassy by Pleasure State. The Natalia Night Shade set is sexy yet very comfortable. The baby pink and navy colours will compliment all skin tones. Now I’m a bigger girl and was hesitant to buy garters as I thought that they would emphasise my lower stomach and be unflattering… BOY WAS I SURPRISED! I highly recommend trying on lingerie sets as you get a better idea of what looks better on your shape. Pair these with nylon tights and a sexy pair of heels, and you’ll feel amazing!

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