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A week ago I finally got my lady balls and picked up this book to read. I mean this lady will be the death of me!
Still, I dunno why Jamie felt the need to write a “final” book. Something seems fishy and it feels like there’s another series in the making… I mean there is a whole heck of Maddox grandbabies now.

One of the obvious reasons I didn’t want to read this book is because of the “FUNERAL” part. I knew someone would die and it was a wee bit predictable but there ended up being two deaths and both in one scene. I felt that the first death lacked emotion like they needed more attention to detail because they were an importantish family member.


“I kissed her temple, and we continued through the doors. Our past was now and now was in the past. Just as she’d promised, we were together again, in a moment of no sickness or pain—only love. And when love was real, so was forever.”
Jamie has this unique talent of making you feel everything in her books. And I mean
E V E R Y T H I N G!
All the emotions, pain, angst, love and betrayal. Thank you, Miss McGuire, for writing such an amazing book and not killing Travis (WHOOPS sorry if you haven’t read the book).


“From the moment you become aware of a secret, the inevitable question arises: what price will you pay to keep it?”
Travis & Abby – One too many lies for a functional relationship. I mean you don’t lie like that… ever !
Taylor & Falyn – Shocker they broke up! Temper really does get the better of people
Trevor & Cami – Cami still loves Thomas.. I see why Jamie degraded this character. Cami annoyed me till no end. She was with one brother but still wanting to be consoled for the other brother… woman you are pathetic!
Tyler & Elise – They’re still not there yet I feel but they’re working on it.
Thomas & Liis – I really enjoyed them in this book. I felt all the emotions that Liis was going through and cried.
Despite the chaos brewing within the couples, I absolutely loved reading about their love and the way they held family so close to their hearts. The Maddox family would literally do anything for family. I do admit though, I teared up a few times reading this book and it was a beautiful way to end the beautiful series.
P.S Travis will always hold a special place in my paperback heart


“When love was real, so was forever.”