Welcome to my blog!

I am a lingerie and book enthusiast, always looking for the next best romance novel or lacy lingerie. This blog will show you all the bits, bobs and blebs on what I love and sometimes not necessarily a book or a piece of panty! You’ll on occasion see clothes that I love, poetry that I’ve written, makeup items and my Handsome Boyfriend.

I’m an island gal living it up in New Zealand. Most days you’ll find tucked in a corner with tea and a book, BUT unlike most people, I’ll be wearing Agent Provocateur under a big fluffy robe instead of pyjamas.

A good lingerie set to me is all about empowerment and feeling sexy in your skin. The feeling of eyelash lace on your skin or the satin robe falling gently around your ankles as your settle into the couch and delve into your current book.

I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer, be sure to subscribe and get in touch if you want to chat about sponsorships, modelling or advertising so I can send you my media kit.